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Captain Services

Our Captain Services range from Training, Delivering & Navigating Voyages

Balboa Yacht Services specializes in providing our customers the best quality in USCG licensed captain services in the Southern California area. We offer a wide range of services, from delivering your yacht to or from locations worldwide, taking the family out for a stress free island vacation, or just moving it to another slip in the harbor. Balboa Yacht Services makes sure you and your vessel arrive at the desired location in a safe and timely manner.

Training topics
• Insurance sign off’s
• System Education
• Running Your Boat
• Equipment Training
• Rules of the road and seamanship
• Docking and close quarter maneuvering
• Navigation
• Electronics usage
• Safety procedures

From seasoned sailors to brand new owners, we make sure that our clients are well prepared to handle anything and everything they may encounter when running their yacht.

Delivery and Captaining Services
• Captaining services are available hourly, daily, or overnight depending on your needs for sea trials, deliveries, or getaways


Vessel Maintenance Services

BYS offers top of the line maintenance to our clients. Services range from the toughest engine repairs all the way to a simple wash and wax for your vessel

The management and crew at Balboa Yacht Services are experienced and knowledgeable with a veteran history in the yachting world. We offer our customers scheduled maintenance ranging from cleaning your vessel to servicing engines and generators; our crew can handle nearly every aspect of maintaining your boat or yacht. .

Scheduled maintenance- Monthly Bottom Cleaning, Topside Cleaning, Holding Tank pump out, we will tailor a custom maintenance schedule based on your yachts needs- engine and generator services, detailing, waxing, engine and generator services.

Monthly Systems checks- If you don’t have the time or desire to take care of the often overlooked and tedious needs of your boats monthly requirements, our technicians will visit your boat once a month, or customize a plan based on your needs to ensure that your boat is ready to go when you step aboard for your next trip. Upon completion of our walkthrough and inspection, you’ll get a detailed report of what we noticed, what we did, and what we recommend needs to be done. Overlooking these simple items often costs you more in the long run, or worse, can turn a fun trip into a disaster!

Our checklist includes all of these items, and much more:
• operate all systems
• check and exercise thru hulls
• run engines
• check and top off fluids
• check zincs
• check bilges

• Topside Wash downs (weekly, bi weekly, as needed)
• Top side Detailing, compound and wax
• Gel coat and paint repairs
• Teak deck cleaning, sealing and oiling
• Varnishing
• Canvas and isinglass cleaning and polish
• Vinyl cleaning and treatments
• Stainless steel and aluminum polish and treatments
• Recommended engine service
• Electrical System Repairs and Service

Interior Cleaning
• Clean and dust the interior
• Vacuum carpeting
• Carpet steam cleaning
• Head and galley cleaning
• Linen services

Vessel Management

For the owner who wants to step aboard, enjoy their yacht, and step off after a great weekend, and not worry about anything other than the next trip, BYS offers complete yacht management. Fully customizable to suit you, your yacht, and your yachting lifestyle, we will take care of all of the details so that you can enjoy every minute aboard. Our seasoned team works hard behind the scenes to ensure that your yacht is maintained and ready to go when you are. We will handle every aspect of ownership from weekly cleanings, preventative maintenance, fueling, mechanical and electrical services, providing captains on call, and even provisioning and trip planning. You will step aboard with the peace of mind that your yacht is truly ready to go when you are. All of these services can be combined into one monthly invoice, eliminating stress, coordination, and hassle.

Project Management

Is your yacht in need of some updated electronics, is it time for a repower, is it time to haul out for a bottom job, or does it just need a facelift? BYS will be by your side ensuring that every detail is handled properly, efficiently, and most importantly, in your best interest. Our expert team has built relationships with vendors, and can coordinate nearly any project, relieving you of the time consuming and oftentimes frustrating facet of these projects. Our knowledge of the products available, how systems work, and our years of yachting will ensure that you’ll be happy when the job is complete. Make one call to BYS, and we will take care of the rest.